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Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance is an energetic genre of dance which consists of the strong and controlled legwork of ballet and the stresses on the torso of the modern genre. Elements of non-western dance cultures like bent knees, floor work, fall & recovery and improvisation are all included in this dance. This flawless dance not only includes gracefulness of classical ballet but also the syncopation of jazz. The contemporary dance form also takes into account the expression of modern dance and fluidity of lyrical. Elements like fluidity, improvisation and emotions can be considered as the distinguishing features of this soulful dance. If you think that you are flexible enough and just love to perform stretches, contemporary dance is the perfect fit for you.


Classical Indian dance forms like folk and belly dance combined with the western styles like hip hop and jazz give birth to the bollywood dance form. The amount of creativity put into this dance makes it distinct. The key focus is energy. The more energy and efforts the person puts in , the more graceful they make it look .The lively bollywood music paired with these classic energetic moves make it enjoyable for the dancer as well as the audience. This might be the most common dance form that you’ve heard of and if you grew up in India you might’ve seen this all around you in movies, weddings, parties etc. but this dance form is more than just casually frolicking around to the beat of your favourite desi numbers. Taking a bollywood dance class will make your moves more graceful and distinguished.


Freestyle also known as street dancing is an inventive dance form that encourages improvisation rather than choreography. It enables people to dance to their own rhythm and discover the movements that make them unique. Krumping ,street jazz, breakdance and popping & locking are just a few of the dance forms incorporated under freestyling which help the dancers to inspire their each move from their imagination and help build a deeper connection between the mind and the body. As this dance form does not have any pre planned moves, it helps in bringing out the creativity of the dancers and helps them create an original dance experience. And even though freestyle calls for unconfined communication between your mind and movements, taking a dance class or two will help you incorporate new moves into your freestyle dance and give you the confidence you need to broaden your dancing experience.


Jazz is an energetic dance form which appeals to the unique movements of the dancers in which they respond to music with their body movements and the change in their motions with the musicians’ spontaneous instrumental creations. This is an expressive form of dance with many types of dance steps and footwork, each with a unique flare and technique. It is a performance art which requires high energy, zestful moves and animated expressions with sharp yet fluid motions, all of which set it apart from traditional styles of dance. Liveliness and vitality of the dancer play important roles in bringing out the bona fide movements of the vibrant dance form.


Ballroom dancing is a graceful style of dance which is performed by partners. In this dance form dancers move rhythmically using methodical step patterns. This sublime dance is focused on the elegance, grace and fluidity of movement. The performance & entertainment aspects of this dance make it possible for the partners as well as the audience to enjoy it in both competitive arenas and social settings. Correct posture and frame are very important in ballroom dancing. The combination of large steps, separation of the partners’ upper body and a frame that requires the shoulders and upper arms to stay in one line are all required to make the dance look more distinguished and poised.

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I started my dance journey in 2006 With a local dance competition. Where I was able to maintain a place in final list. Then I decided to give some more competition so I participated in dance Premier league on Sony TV where I was able to go in finals and I was first runner-up in a group team Then I did dance India dance where I was again able to maintain a place in finalist and I was fourth runner-up. I did my training in ballroom and contemporary and jazz.. Then I decided to open a studio In my hometown so I came back to Jaipur and started Lets sway dance studio in 2012 since that time I am teaching in Lets sway dance studio all these forms I have done some trainings and workshops in between and still learning and teaching

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